Ciao! Hello!

Well, here we are...

No Cooking Classes,

No Trips to Italy....

So NOW what?

Well, I am keeping the faith, praying a lot and continuing doing

what I do...


I know that eventually we will celebrate and commune and travel and eat together --once again.  This world has seen tragedies before. 

This isn't the first and it isn't the last. What is most important is what we do with what we have learned.  

I believe that this is the perfect opportunity for getting back to the table... maybe not with everyone right now... but we will again and I am sure everyone is looking forward to that!

SO, In the meantime you can still call me for face to face online cooking lessons AND you can do me the kindest of favors and subscribe to my YouTube channel...

You see, I am giving away cooking and recipe content for free along with a little of my personal, self proclaimed Italian Mamma wisdom- and if you just subscribe, it may someday help me re-coup a few of the pennies I've lost this season.  AND IT COSTS YOU NOTHING to hit the SUBSCRIBE button! 

And you will also get all my cool content for being a subscriber!  



If you have questions about any of this years trips that are canceled or postponed, check out the trips page.  I am updating that as things change.  

I wish you all a safe time right now as we all navigate this crazy, lonely, stir crazy quarantine time... Just know... that if you get lonely, I am online LIVE AT 11 6 days a week!  You can message me etc... and I will answer!  So bring on the questions, suggestions and comments...

I'm waiting!!!

Sending you all LOVE, hugs and kisses!  



Dorina's Kitchen is the place for anyone who wants to learn to cook or expand their home cooking repertoire. I specialize in teaching simple, easily reproducible meals that are healthy, tasty and mostly quick to make! Many are family friendly and I throw some in that are definitely company friendly! Come join us!! I will teach you what you need to know to become a great home cook. 


My goal is to share with you what I believe is an important life skill and share with you the passion that goes along with it! All joys, sorrows, and big decisions in life happen in the kitchen or at the table. Come learn about food and all that happens where food is made!

When we cook, we naturally gravitate towards "the table".  We need to get back families, communities and a society.  

I encourage you to seek out your own heritages and traditions. 

Learn the recipes that go with them and then create your own family traditions with YOUR family at YOUR table.  

This is the Roseto Effect. It's not JUST what you eat.  It's how you eat it. 


It will bond you. It will nourish you.




Dorina's Kitchen

Learn to cook, eat & live...

life around the table! Dorina's Kitchen cooking classes, trips to cook in Italy and Home Kitchen Set-Up services teach you to celebrating your heritage... uphold traditions, languages and family history all through food.

Back to the Table

We as a society need to come together in communities again! The Back to the Table Movement is about empowering people in the kitchen and getting family and friends back to the table. So let's start cooking. Join the movement!

The Roseto Effect

Learn traditional ways to improve the quantity and quality of your relationships and enhance all the aspects of each day.  Be inspired to live a long healthier life. 

Cook in Italy


Cooking classes in Italy during the Roseto fall harvest season. Enjoy fresh flavors wine, olive oil, truffles and figs. 

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