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What We Do

Home Cooking Classes

Dorina’s Kitchen offers private and small group authentic cooking classes for the home cook. This is where you learn what a handful of this and a pinch of that is! Weather you are cooking for a large family, friends or for yourself, we will teach you simple recipes and methods to make you feel comfortable in your own kitchen.

Italy Cooking Trips

Everyone loves Italian food and the lifestyle is desired worldwide! Come spend a week in the small Italian Village of Roseto Valfortore… Learn what the “Roseto Effect” really means!  Come learn to cook some great simple foods that you will cherish the rest of your lives and also learn what it means to relax and live and eat simply. The Italian way.

Your life will thank you.

Speaking Engagements

Dorina is available for speaking engagements to talk about the importance of cooking at home, getting BACK TO THE TABLE and Reviving the ROSETO EFFECT. 

Talks can be interactive with a small group and cooking lesson, a cooking demo and talk with a larger group our just a talk and discussion about how important these issues are to our lives and society. 

Our Approach ~ Why We Do What We Do…

We teach easily reproducible recipes and methods that will keep you cooking for the future.  We aren’t just here to demonstrate what we can do.  This is REAL LIFE.  We want to share what we were lucky enough to grow up with and then see YOU do it!


I believe that as a society we have lost the importance of family…. oh and faith… and heritage!  We NEED to remember who we are!  America was founded by many cultures and really truly, our differences are our beauty!  We must realize that the beauty in our differences is also our similarity!  If we re-find our pride in our heritages we will see how we are all really alike.  Of course… what is the best way to learn a culture?  Through the FOOD!!!


(I can teach you the basics of home cooking… and of course the food of the Italian Culture… but I hope I also inspire you to research your own heritage and foods of your own culture if you aren’t Italian like me!)


When you spend time in the kitchen together… that makes you family! So, let’s get cooking!!! 


Buon Appetite!
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