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Italy Trips 

Dates are set for 2024 to Roseto Valfortore and we are working on some new towns and trip themes for the future!!  Dates are listed below. (more may be added if needed)

Please NOTE Once you decide you are even slightly interested... you must fill out a form and we will set up a phone call.(or you can just call me directly)  That's how I do it.  These are VERY personal trips near and dear to my heart. I don't just put it out there on the internet and wait for people to just show up.  We make friends first!  It's the Italian way!

That's why prices are not here on my site.  But rest assured it's the best deal ever!

Thank you for understanding.   

Love, Dorina


Cooking and travel to Italy… It doesn’t get any better than that!  Let’s Cook… Let’s Eat… and let’s learn how to live Italian style in Roseto Valfortore, Italy.  Come take a trip to my small southern Italian village. Come Cook and learn why the “Roseto Effect” is sought the world over and fully evident in this town!

EACH (ground only)TRIP INCLUDES:

(some things change by season... please ask about this!)

  • 10 days in a small village in Southern Italy

  • All transportation- to and from the Naples Airport and everything in between.

  • Lodging ​in nice modern B&B's in the village which includes breakfast

  • Welcome dinner 

  • 4-5 Cooking lessons with Dorina, Chef Giuseppe and Mamma's of town!

  • A walking tour of the town, (these southern villages date back to 700-900 A.D and older!) that explores the culture, history and traditions of the town

  • Day trip to nearby Lucera to tour an ancient Roman Amphitheater, dating to Augustus' times and more

  • On Mercato day (the street market)of your trip shop for food, shoes, clothing, souvenirs etc. 

  • A visit to a local Winery... where we EAT(a lot!) and taste wonderful wines!

  • Experiences with a couple of the social clubs in town

  • Other restaurant meals, picnics etc.

  • Wine is included with meals

  • Basically ... just about everything is included 

  • and more...

REMINDER-- trips do not include airfare as I'm not a travel agent... but I have the best travel agents around that I will give you to book your flight.  It's not mandatory you use them... but they are AWESOME!