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Back to the Table

The Back to the Table Movement is a way to get people back to the table and connect with those important in our lives.

Everything important in life happens at the table. The table is a place to share our best and worst moments.  Worries, excitements and important decisions in life are all made at the table. This is also where we celebrate our heritages (with the food), where we share a little faith (by saying grace and giving thanks) where we bond as families and communities (just by being together).

In America we have always learned that we are supposed to be a melting pot. Maybe... just maybe we should be more like a beautiful Antipasto - made up of individual pieces which all shine on their own but together make up an absolutely beautiful platter.


**find the beauty in each of the Heritages and Faiths that define us and CELEBRATE them!

**look at how in our differences we are really alike!

**share ourselves and foods with others!

**SO-start cooking...and get Back to the table!

Join the Movement...

and let's make the world a better place!

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