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Italian Beef Stew with Peas / Spezzatino con Piselli

It's January. It's cold. It's gloomy.

These are the times we make something hearty that warms the insides and reminds you that

"this too shall pass".

I actually have this love/hate thing with winter. I love the fireplace and cozy sweaters and fuzzy blankets.

But I desperately miss the sunshine.

So... how do we "feel better" when there's no sun?

Make a nice Spezzatino! Doesn't that sound nicer than Stew?


This is a very simple recipe for a stew that is slightly different than your standard beef, potatoes and carrots!

I hope you like it!

Please note... the ingredient amounts are approximate. No real rules on this one. So make it how you think you will like it! ---and don't be afraid to just do it!

Spezzatino con Piselli

about 2 lbs of beef. (you can use "stew" meat or any other roast cut up in pieces)

1-2 carrots finely chopped... even grated if you like!

1-2 stalks celery finely chopped

1/2-1 onion diced

1/2-3/4 cup white wine

about 2 cups of broth

1-2 cups of fresh or frozen peas (up to you!)

flour (enough to coat the meat--I would start with 1/2 cup and add more if needed)

about a tablespoon or two of tomato paste. (the kind in the tube is the best but you can use any or none!)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Cut the beef and dredge with flour. Shake off any excess.

Brown the meat in a nice heavy pot with olive oil.

Once meat is browned on all sides add the wine.

Now add the carrots, celery and onions. Let them cook with the meat until soft.

Add the broth and the tomato paste. Stir around until all melded together.

Cover and let simmer for about an hour and a half.

Stir it occasionally and add more broth if needed.

Once it's done. Add peas.

Let cook for 5 more minutes.


You can serve over rice or with a nice thick slice of Italian bread on the side!

Buon Appetito!



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2 Yorum

Angela Cipri
Angela Cipri
14 Oca 2023

Perfect! even in Melbourne Australia - where its a hot 37degrees today!!

14 Oca 2023
Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

Wow!!! That's a hot day!!! Stay cool and let the stew cool off before making yourself too hot inside as well as out! LOL! Thanks for the comment! I appreciate it! ❤️

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