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Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Spezzato or Spezzatino as some will call it is a lovely way to make a stew!

This is traditionally made with lamb for Easter but you can make it with beef the same way.

This is VERY typical of my town of Roseto Valfortore as an Easter second course.

I hope you enjoy it!

First, brown the lamb that has been cut into small pieces (similar to the size you would put in a typical beef stew) with some onion garlic

Then cook in broth slowly (whatever kind-veg or chicken)…

Cook the cicoria (chicory greens such as dandelion greens which I think are best or even escarole etc) and let drain in a colander…

Now another bowl mix together

Grated “fresh cheese” “primo sale” (now this is not easy to find in America so you can use Ricotta Salata that some Italian stores will have... or without sounding sacreligious... Queso Fresco which is "fresh cheese" from a Mexical/Spanish store is very similar!)

Ricotta (not too much)—just enough to make it all stick together.

Formaggio grattugiato (grated cheese such as-grano padano or whatever


Mix together

8-10 eggs… beat then mix with the cheese mixture… not too dense not too wet

Next... (this is where it has gotten contentious in between kitchens in Roseto...)

One friend will mix the cicoria already cooked into the mix of cheeses...

and another cooks the greens in the broth and leaves the cheese mix alone. You decide what you want to do. I just had to add this variation in here!

Once the meat is mostly cooked… (add the greens if you are putting them in the broth!) and then add spoonfuls of the cheese mixture to the top of the broth… Let it cook…and don’t touch it until it’s time to serve…

Then you can break it up when serving… you take the meat from underneath and get a ladle full of the cheese/greens and broth…

**** please note... this is how it was TOLD to me and I wrote it exactly as it was said to me. I tried to make it a little more "recipe" like but I wanted to pass on the recipe the way I got it as much as possible!

This is exactly how I make it and it's simply delicious!

Buon Appetito!




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