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Anise Biscotti/Biscotti all'Anice

I just love these! They are simple to make and not too sweet. Just perfect with that morning cappuccino or afternoon caffe' espresso!

They are truly an "everyday" cookie... but still wonderful to add a few to your holiday cookie trays!

This recipe is for a single batch -in fact it doesn't even seem to be enough dough to fill a single loaf pan but just take your t

ime... grease your fingers and spread it across the loaf pan. It will only come to less than an inch in height. It will rise slightly in the oven but not a whole lot, so don't be worried!

If you want a "taller" cookie-double the recipe and still only use one pan.

And personally even tho 1 tsp of anise seed is plenty, a little more is never a bad thing!

I hope you enjoy them!

(video is on my FB page and will be coming soon to this page for easier access!)

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