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Italy Cooking Trips

Cooking and travel to Italy… It doesn’t get any better than that!  Let’s Cook… Let’s Eat… and let’s learn how to live Italian style in Roseto Valfortore, or Alberona, Italy.  Come take a trip to my small southern Italian village of Roseto Valfortore or the neighboring town of Alberona . Come Cook and learn why the “Roseto Effect” is sought the world over and fully evident in these villages.


  • 10 days in a small village in Italy

  • Lodging ​

  • Welcome dinner 

  • 4-5 Cooking lessons with Dorina, Chef Giuseppe and Mamma's of town!

  • A walking tour of the town, (these southern villages date back to 900 A.D and older!) that explores the culture, history and traditions of the town

  • Day trip to nearby Lucera to tour a Roman Amphitheater, dating to Augustus' times, the Cathedral and more

  • Visit to Giuseppina and Nicola the cheese-makers

  • On Market day of your trip shop for food, shoes, clothing, souvenirs etc. in town at the Mercato (the street market)

  • Transfers to and from the Naples Airport or train station to town

  • and more...See individual trip pages for details by season

A peek into our Italian Cooking Trips in Roseto Valfortore, ITALY! Come learn to cook and about the Roseto Effect... so we can spread it... revive it... and get BACK TO THE TABLE... with Dorina's Kitchen leading the way!

Rosetani and Alberonesi of the World…

For those of Rosetan or Alberonese Heritage that want to explore their roots…. All trips will give you the opportunity to learn about the town, the foods, the culture not only of these towns but also of the Puglia region.

If you are looking to explore your genealogy, we can arrange a visit the Town Hall to look up your family records.  You may find addresses of homes your family may have lived in … who knows you may even meet some cousins!!!​

It is recommended that your discuss your genealogy goals with Dorina at the time of booking. We can help you with preparation that would need to be arranged prior to your arrival.

Let me show you OUR TOWN!!!

Upcoming Cooking Trips to Italy


“I was lucky enough to go on Dorina’s trip to Roseto. The time there was beyond what I could ever imagine. The town itself is perched on a mountain top. People are kind and welcoming.  From day one I took a step back in time. Days were spent hiking about the town or traveling to nearby towns, evening sitting in the Piazza socializing like days of old when people had time for one another.

My family ancestors happened to be from a nearby town which Dorina and I visited. A dream come true for me since grandma often spoke about it. The taste of the food is indescribable…the fruity tomatoes, the fresh baked bread daily, the homemade cheese, the gelato and oh my, the olive oil, beyond amazing. I even found a plum tree on a hike that tasted just like the plums I loved so much and picked with my grandmother on our trees in PA. Those trees haven’t existed for years but one taste of that plum brought back so many memories it was incredible. I can only imagine those trees were grown from seeds brought over and planted by the people who settled in the small Pennsylvania town I’m from. Having the opportunity to live the daily life of a true Italian is irreplaceable. I wasn’t a tourist in the town. The people welcomed me and I became part of the town. An inner peace surfaces within you and it’s a feeling you want to hold on to forever.”


—  Niki P