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Wild Asparagus

Back in 2006 when we were living in Roseto for the year, we got to see and do things that we don’t see when we just visit in the summer months… like go wild asparagus hunting on the mountain!!!

So out we go on this beautiful spring day to get some “asparagi”.

This is a photo of my son Tino with the first ones we found! Can’t you tell how excited he was?

I will tell you the kids were MUCH more excited about finding them than me taking their picture with a handful of asparagus! But come on!!! I just HAD to document that whole year!

It was amazing! Better than this pic tho was the beautiful frittata I made when we got home with fresh eggs, the best parmigiano cheese and that handful of asparagus! So fresh and with a piece of crusty bread – best dinner ever!

This is my friend Marco who lives in Roseto… with his little handful of mountain grown asparagus he picked just recently! I think he’s a little better at finding it than we were back then!

Isn’t it amazing that people “nowadays” can still live a little off the land? I mean really, why waste space in your garden growing asparagus when you can pick it wild? and there is PLENTY to go around!

So today… I just thought I’d share what a beautiful spring day is often like in Roseto Valfortore! It’s all about the food… all the time! and when it’s fresh… it’s best!

Buon appetito!!


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