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Pineapple Cake!

Updated: Feb 3, 2021


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So back in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey we were hunkered down in our house with the windows boarded up.---why boarded up?

Well... that's a funny story! You see 2 days before the storm was to hit our cable tv went out. I called the cable company and they said they could have a technician out the next day! I was so surprised but also very happy!

So the next day not one but two guys showed up at my door. Again.. I was very surprised. So as I always do, I chat with them as they are doing their work and come to find out they weren't even from NJ. One was from Florida and one from North Carolina. I asked why they were "up here working" and they said they were up for the storm. Wow... I was surprised yet again!

So the next thing one of them said was... "Y'all aren't ready!" ...

I looked over at him and said... "what?" and again he repeated... "Y'all aren't ready!"

"But what does that mean?!?" I came back at him!

He said "I'd have my windows boarded up or at the very least taped up...I've seen MANY a window blown in and that glass can be deadly!"

So now I'm thinking CRAP! and I'm getting nervous!

So real quick, I called Nico (son #2) who was out and had a pickup truck... "Nico! on your way home stop at Home Depot and pick up a few sheets of ply-wood!"

"WHY? WHAT FOR?" was the typical young man answer I got!

So I told him and he grumbled but did what I asked!

He got home and I told all the boys to get outside and cover the dining room window which was a giant set of 3 windows with 100 year old antique glass which faced the wide open corner our house was on across the street from a field... needless to say we usually got the wind on that side of the house!

Grumbling... which I continued to hear outside as the boys were hammering the boards to the house...

they got the job done! Tino who was a senior in high school at the time was having a fit... "You do realize everyone in town is going to think we are crazy!" I told him that I didn't care. That if even ONE window in town blew out I'd feel justified. (needless to say one of the boys friends house had a giant bay window blow out during the storm! ***mammafeltjustified!

So the storm came... the electricity went out and the wind was HOWLING and the rain POUNDING...

I had a gas range so we cooked and baked and made this cake for the first time... so that is why we call it Hurricane Sandy Cake in my house! In the meantime... as we were huddled around the table feeling safe and secure eating cake by candlelight... Tino suddenly blurts out... "Man, I'm so glad we boarded up the


So... this is the cake we made! I had originally found it titled Anti Crabby Cake... and I first actually thought it was a Crab Cake recipe! LOL! (I did change it up a bit tho!) But it truly does make you happy when you eat it! No crabbiness allowed!

Easy and yummy. Make your own memory with it! Enjoy!

Pineapple Cake ---

aka Hurricane Sandy Cake aka Anti Crabby Cake!!!


20oz/590g crushed pineapple –with juice (either canned or fresh)

2 cups/ 250g flour

1 1/4 cup/250g sugar

2 eggs

2 tsp/10g baking soda


8oz/226g Cream cheese (room temp)

4oz/113g butter (room temp

2 cups/242g powdered sugar

1 tsp/6g vanilla extract

2 tbsp/32g milk

For Cake- just mix all together. Pour into 9x13 baking dish. No need to grease it.

Cook at 350F or 180C for about 30min or until just golden and firm to the touch. (check it around the 25 min mark! --it goes from golden to a brown very quickly. Still tastes the same but not as pretty!)

For Icing- mix together and spread on cake while cake is still warm in the pan.

Cut into squares and serve from the pan! (I have a pretty white baking dish I like to use then it looks nice on the table too!)

Have fun!



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