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Pecan Tarts

Pecan Tarts

When I was a kid my Nonna used to make cookies. It was her thing. She made these beautiful trays of cookies for every party or holiday or event in the family! BUT she also always had tins full of different cookies stacked in her kitchen! Most of them were Italian cookies and she found some new recipes over the years to add to her recipe collection. One of the cookies that I loved were these little tartlets. She called them Pecan Tarts. There was so much flavor and different textures in that one little bite! The soft firmness of the shell, the crunch and gooeyness of the filling with the little crisp top. YUM!

So here I share with you that recipe that I now have made MY own.

I hope you will add these to your cookie trays … all year long!



Pecan/Nut Tarts


2 Cups Flour -120 grams

½ lb butter -226 grams

½ lb mascarpone or cream cheese 226 grams

Cream the butter and mascarpone-then add the flour.

Chill for an hour. (but if you don’t it’s ok… they are still good… just even better when you do chill!)


4 Tbsp melted butter -56 grams

2 eggs

1 cup brown sugar

½ cup white sugar

1 tsp vanilla

2 cups chopped nuts -pecans, walnuts etc.

Melt butter, add sugar and eggs,

Cook over low heat til sugar is melted

( but you can also make them without cooking this part and just mix all together)

Add vanilla and nuts

Make a small ball of the dough and shape in mini muffin/tart pan.

Add ½-1tsp of nut mixture. Only fill about ½ way since the filling puffs up a little.

Bake at 350F/180C for about 10 minutes.


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