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Best Souvenir EVER!

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

I'd like to share a food thought with you all...

A question was recently posted about favorite souvenirs/collections people have from their travels and what they would recommend...

Here is what I recommend...

Recipes. I teach people to cook and take them on culinary trips to Italy... the thing almost everyone loves the most (that also takes up no space at all!) are the recipes from the cooking classes. This is something they take home and then share with family and friends. Some have dinners and invite people... others have them over to cook together and others make up little recipe booklets to give as gifts. It has been by far the most appreciated take away... sometimes with a little gift of a spice or something. My guests always buy the wild oregano that grows on the mountain by the village. When they get home they put it in spice jars and give as a gift with the recipes! We don't need STUFF as much as we need to just BE.

Isn't that why we travel? Let your travels afar help you come together at home!

Share your recipes and bring people together around the table.

Best souvenir ever! One that you can keep giving and sharing forever!

Buona giornata! (Good Day!)

❤️ Dorina

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