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Zucchini Pesto!!!

Pasta with Zucchini Pesto!

This is a wonderful quick dish I learned in Italy that I know you will love like I do!

Of course anything with Pancetta in it is… well…. SOOOOO GOOODDDD!!!

In the summer zucchini is truly an abundant crop and in Italy they really have about a million ways to cook them!

Add this to your "repertorio" (repertoire) of zucchini dishes... you won't be sorry!

For 1 lb of pasta (500 grams)

You will need approximately

Zucchini (2 average or even 1 if it’s a big one!)

Pancetta (about a cup)

Onion (1 small or ½ med/large)

Pasta (I recommend farfalle (bowties)

Salt and pepper to taste

**all of the above can be adjusted to your taste. If you like more “sauce” just add more zucchini etc.

Put your water on for the pasta. By the time you pasta is cooked…. Dinner will be ready!

I recommend Farfalle (Bowties) Orecchiette, Cavatelli or similar. You want something that the sauce will coat! Also good with a long flat pasta. (don't forget to SALT the water!!!)

Fry up your pancetta. You can cut it up in whatever size chunks you like but I recommend smaller. Personally I like to fry the pancetta first and get it a little crispy.

While the pancetta is frying up… cut your zucchini longways in half and then each half longways again. (quartered) and slice.

Dice up onion.

(mince one clove of garlic- optional)

Salt and Pepper-q.b. --(Quanto Bisogno- as much as needed!)

Toss the veggies in with the pancetta as it is crisping up and saute’ til just soft. (not mushy!)

When the vegetables are done, scoop out a couple of spoonfuls for “garnish/texture”.

Take the rest of the mixture and blend with either a stick blender, regular blender or processor.

Toss your pasta in the zucchini pesto… then top with a little of the reserved zucchini and pancetta.

You are going to love this… just a little different and so tasty!

Buon Appetito!!!



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