Ruth G.

It has been (and will continue to be) the best cooking experience I have encountered. Dorina's recipes, and her ability to share them (with a wonderful 'gift of gab') makes one eager to run home and prepare each and every one of them. The ingredients are healthful and create very tasty dishes! The classes are fun, and each member has the opportunity to take part in the cooking process. Had I discovered Dorina years ago, I certainly would have become a better homemaker (although it's NEVER too late) I must say, I am so proud to share my new recipes with family and friends, and the 'little tricks' Dorina has shared with us along the way.Bravo, Dorina!!!

Tom M.

I took Dorina’s Functional Home Cooking Course through the local adult school last fall. I have continued to take weekly classes since then. Dorina’s emphasis is on cooking quick, nutritious meals using wholesome ingredients. Her forte is Italian cooking but she has a broad knowledge of foods and other styles of cooking. Her classes are well organized. Topics touched on during class include the choice of ingredients, possible variations and substitutions, nutrition, tricks of the trade, and tips on where to shop. Dorina is friendly and engaging and her classes are informative and enjoyable. Her class is the perfect starting point for someone with little experience in cooking who wants to learn the basics. Her class would also be valuable for a person with some experience in the kitchen who wants to broaden their perspective.