The “Roseto Effect”

So... what is the Roseto Effect???         

Well, instead of putting this as a blog post, I decided it needed it's own page.

The quick story is this---in the 1880s People from Roseto Valfortore a small village in Southern Italy immigrated to the United States.  They ended up in Eastern Pennsylvania where they found work in the Slate Mines.  They ended up building their own town on the side of a mountain there and eventually named it after the town they came from.  Roseto Pennsylvania was born.

Fast forward to the 1960's.  A doctor serving the town happened to mention to another doctor that no one in the town seemed to have any heart disease.  So the next thing you know, doctors descended upon the town to study the people.

The first thing they studied was the obvious... the diet.  But... what they found when they studied the Rosetan diet was that they ate cured salty meats, fatty cheeses, food fried in lard, and they smoked and drank... YET they were healthy and happy!

What was going on here?

Well after being completely dumbfounded over all of this, they finally realized what was right in front of them.  People in this town lived 3 generations under one roof.  They had a life that was community, church and family centered.  People spent time together.  People stopped and talked on their porches and walking down the street.  There was a true sense of community.  A sense of belonging. No one was ever alone.  They found that the Rosetans were nourished by each other.

So in short, it is partly what you eat that can keep you healthy but it is also HOW you eat.  Eat with calm.  Eat at the table.  Eat with family and friends.

I say we are strong Rosetani because the table is still the center of our lives.  People who know who they are and where they come from tend to be more faith centered and tighter as families therefore being stronger individuals.

Let's get back to the table and live like the old Rosetani.

The best place to learn to live this way is to visit Roseto Valfortore the ORIGINAL Roseto where the mystery of it's effect on longevity of life started.

It's my favorite place in the world.  Come with me...

Un bacione!