Home Cooking.  That's where it all begins.  So whether you have some experience or absolutely none at all... Have no fear... Mamma Dorina is here to help you out!

Learn all the basic recipes that you can then build on to create your own flavor traditions for you and  your family.


Full Home Kitchen Service

Well some people want to learn to cook... but you cannot do so without the proper tools and basic pantry ingredients always in your kitchen.

Call me to help you set up your kitchen so we can then get on with the COOKING!

The Roseto Effect

Cooking and travel... It doesn't get any better than that!  Come take a trip to Italy to my small southern village of Roseto Valfortore. Over 100 years ago Rosetan immigrants  to the US started another Roseto in Pennsylvania only to later be noted as the most stress free, heart disease free town in the Nation!

Come Cook and learn why the "Roseto Effect" is sought the world over.

Cakes, Catering and Italian Specialty Desserts!

Yes...I cater.  I make cakes.  I make Italian specialty desserts.

This site is mostly about my lessons and trips, but if you go to my Dorina's Kitchen Facebook page you can see pictures of my food.  Just call me to discuss  your party or event!


Kitchen Products

For years, I have shared my favorite home kitchen products with my students... telling them... go find a Pampered Chef consultant and get this chopper!  Now I offer those products myself.

Check out www.pamperedchef.biz/dorina

Cool Cooking Stuff--coming soon.

Dorina's Kitchen, Cucina Pugliese and The Italian Mamma products coming soon!

Next Steps...

If you have any questions AT ALL about any and all kitchen products... do not hesitate to ask us!