Make some LImoncello!


Back in November I was in Sacramento California to teach a cooking class. As I looked out the window of my friends house where I was stayin, I saw all these lemons hanging over the fence from the neighbors tree!  When I asked if they picked them, and when I was told no, I went crazy!  Are you kidding me???  If I had Lemons I’d make LImoncello!!!  …every other day!!!  haha!

Needless to say, I came home with a whole suitcase full of fresh organic Lemons that I picked myself off that tree!  And of course I had to make Limoncello!!!

So…here’s the Limoncello recipe…
You need organic lemons (no spray…and if there’s wax wash as good as you can…)
Grain alcohol
Sugar and water
You need 6-8 lemons per 500 ml of alcohol.
[I used a full handled bottle and 21 lemons but some of my lemons were huge! So I’d probably use at least 30 or more lemons of the small standard size)
Peel the lemons with a peeler…just getting the outer yellow layer. It’s very thin…You don’t want any of the pith (white part) it makes it bitter.
Put in a glass container(I used one of those GIANT Mason jars) and keep in a cool place for 30 days. Give the jar a daily shake!
After 30 days mix 600 grams sugar and 750 ml water….heat to boiling. Once it boils turn off heat and let cool. You now have a simple syrup. Mix this syrup with your lemon rind and alcohol mixture and let sit with daily shake for another 40 days.
After day 40… Give it one last shake… Strain out the rinds and pour into your bottles. Done!

  • I used organic sugar in mine which is not white, it has a slight tan color.  SO my limoncello that is now ready to drink isn’t as lemony yellow as other limoncello… it’s more a sunflower yellow.  Well let me tell you-it still tastes GREAT!

FYI- Limoncello tastes best ICE COLD so keep a bottle in the freezer!




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