Cooking in Real Italy

Roseto Italy Trips 2018 (so far!)

21 March –3 April -- Cooking Trip and Easter Holy Days $2299.00*

Our March Trip to Roseto will be a cooking trip ending with a special Easter Weekend experience.

The first week is one of our typical cooking excursions with  5 days of classes which will include special dishes of the season as well as typical dishes traditionally prepared for Easter.  This is a great time of special sweets!

We will visit the Nicola and Giuseppina Zita- The cheese makers!  We will have a full day outing of historical sights in nearby cities (still finalizing)  as well as another 1/2 day of sights.

Then the cooking trip will end and Easter Weekend begins with Good Friday.

On Good Friday, you will witness an incredible exhibition of the Passion of Jesus leading up to the Cross.  These are ancient traditions that continue in the villages of Italy. In Roseto there is a 3-hour re-enactment complete with Roman soldiers on horseback and Veronica wiping Jesus’ face.

Easter in Italy is a sacred holiday filled with ritual and tradition.  It is a beautiful sight to see and participate in.

The “cooking trip” ends Thursday the 29th and if you choose not to stay for Easter then you will leave on Friday the 30th.


4 April-13 April -- LIFE Italian Style $1999*


Nowhere in this world is my head clearer than it is in Roseto!  This is the place I relax, think, plan and create! and this is what I want to share with you!

Live the relaxed Southern Italian village life.  Get up when you wake up.  Walk around the town and up the mountain.  Sit in Piazza and watch life the way the Italians live it.  Eat fresh foods that are good for your body and soul.  Even walk in the mountains or down by the river and forage for wild asparagus!

Included will also be a cooking class, an Italian lesson, a trip to the cheesemakers, attend the market, see some history in Lucera and other nearby cities & more.

It’s all up to you how to design this trip!  There will be plenty to "do", and plenty of time to "not do"!   You can have free time or some guided creativity workshops.

Are you trying to write?  Paint?  Build a business?  Communicate better?  Enjoy your family? Understand life? or just actually learn to relax?

This is the place to do it.

27 June- 6 July -- Cooking Trip/Local Tours/Italian Beach! $1999*

All the sun isn’t in Tuscany! Puglia is beautiful!  Summer classes include a lot of the summer seasonal vegetables such as zucchini and eggplant as well as fresh herbs.  We will also take a trip to visit Giuseppina and Nicola the cheesemakers! You will also spend a morning at the Saturday Market and witness the St. Antonio Festival where you will see processions, lit up streets and music in Piazza!

This trip includes a mid-week day to go to the beach on the Gargano (the “spur” of the boot) where the beaches are beautiful and the water crystal blue with mountains falling into the sea!

We also spend a morning visiting the nearby city of Lucera…where there is a castle, amphitheater and cathedrals dating back 1000 years!  And yes… there is STILL time to relax in piazza or at the town pool perched on the side of the mountain!


4 October- 13 October -- Cooking, Olive Oil and Wine Making $1999*

Fall is time for Olive Oil and Wine making! We will visit an Olive Oil production in the town of Biccari next mountain over from Roseto… and we will be making wine with a wonderful HOME Wine maker… right in town.

You will participate in 5 cooking classes, where the foods begin to differ from the summer foods as the weather begins to cool. Foods that are hearty and filling and warm your soul!

This week is also a feast of the Madonna della Consolazione.  So you will see a traditional village feast and festivities.

We will also spend a day visiting the Reggia di Casserta- one of the largest Castles in Europe!  There will be time to take a walking tour of town, visit the cheesemakers and time to relax!


*prices are subject to change