Good day all! Buongiorno a tutti!
Isn’t “good day” (buongiorno) such a better greeting than “how are you?” Just wishing someone goodness is so much more kind and giving than asking how they are and then not even really listening for an answer…and making them think for a minute of something bad or sad that may have just happened. Wishing someone “good day or buongiorno” immediately puts you out there giving…wishing well for someone else. I love that!

Have you ever found that you start to answer when someone asks how you are and they are off…not even really caring about the answer…it was just a formality!
Have you ever been asked how you are and your standard answer has become your negative feeling that keeps on going the more you say it? Like… tired, hanging in there, pretty good, getting by, or maybe you answered “crazy”(my old answer!) It really sets a tone for yourself!

Be like the Italians… just wish Buongiorno to everyone… I bet after a while you can start a trend of wishing people a good day and then maybe… just maybe it will catch on! and it will all be GOOD!

I was going to post a recipe now but I think I’ll leave you all with this little greeting for the day!
(recipe still coming in another post!)
Tanti baci…(lots of kisses!)

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  1. Rose Buscietta says:

    Buongiorno a’ tutti to you my new friend! And a blessed new year to you and yours!

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