Benvenuti!  Welcome to my kitchen!

I love my kitchen. This is where everything important in life takes place. It's where we eat, it's where we laugh, where we cry and fight and make up. It's where we go for comfort and where we go to share joys. It is the heart of a family home.
I was lucky enough to learn from my Mom and Nonna and from all my aunts, cousins and friends in Italy as well as the Italian restaurant I grew up in. I am truly blessed.
It is in my kitchen that I nourish my family... it is in my kitchen that I dispense of the wisdom I gained from my lifes experiences and everyone else I learned from.

So NOW, my mission is to share what I have been lucky enough to learn with you!

Come take a cooking class and learn what it means to feel comfortable in your own kitchen.  This is where you learn what a handful of this and a pinch of that is!  This is the school for the HOME COOK.


Cooking School in Italy!

Everyone loves Italian food and the lifestyle is desired worldwide!  Come spend a week in the small Italian Village of Roseto Valfortore... Learn what the "Roseto Effect" really means!  Come learn to cook some great simple foods that you will cherish the rest of your lives and also learn what it means to relax and live and eat simply.

Your life will thank you.

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A little story...

I once knew this Italian priest from Rhode Island who ran the Villa Rosa Nursing Home (near Washington DC) where we had an Italian Festival every year of which I was the chair at the time.
One day, we were talking of the importance of keeping the festival going for the Italians in the DC area and Father Carmine said this to me...
"First you have your heritage"...(everyone is somebody from someplace)
"People more in touch with their Heritage tend to be more in touch with their religion." (Often times...heritage and religion are intertwined)
"People more in touch with their religion tend to be more in touch with their families."
"People more in touch with their families tend to be better individuals."
I've always remembered those words... As they confirmed and validated my feelings for my heritage of being Italian and the importance I've always placed on God and Family.

Thank you Father Carmine

What you need to do NOW!

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